In 2015, John Grisham and I enlisted the vast majority of Mississippi writers, as well as prominent athletes, coaches, actors, and musicians in an effort to persuade the legislature to remove the Confederate imagery from the Mississippi state flag. Sadly, our state remains the last in America to retain the painful iconography of the cause founded to preserve slavery.*


(*) Doubters, please consult Mississippi's declaration of secession in the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson.


Real equality can never exist under the present Mississippi flag. The nationwide response to the murder of George Floyd has proved the time is long past to relegate this symbol to the museums. The new flag designed by Laurin Stennis, granddaughter of Senator John Stennis, is a fine replacement, and we should begin using it immediately. Demand this change, but don't wait for the legislature. Join Morgan Freeman, John Grisham, Jesmyn Ward, Archie Manning, Jimmy Buffett, Kathryn Stockett, and countless other Mississippians in working to free our state from the burden of its racist past.


If you are Mississippi artist or sports figure and wish you had been included on the first list, please email your name to me at If you are a Mississippian from any walk of life and want to show your support, please email me also. If you want to threaten me, simply email the FBI directly. It will save me the trouble.  

Cemetery Road long-listed for the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award 2020! (British Crime Writers Association.)

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