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The Wall Street Journal says:

"In deft strokes Mr. Iles captures both the good guys ('a sense of dread perched like a crow on his shoulder') and the bad (`his eyes shone with menace, like the glow of a tire fire in a dump, which could burn for fifteen years). He delivers a whopping tale, filled with enough cliff-hanging crises for an old summer-long movie-serial.  Yet there are still enough unresolved matters at the end of "Natchez Burning" for two already promised sequels."

 Scott Turow

#1 NYT Bestselling author of Identical, Ordinary Heroes, and Presumed Innocent.

Jodi Picoult

#1 NYT Bestselling author of The Storyteller and Lone Wolf.

"Natchez Burning is just flat-out terrific, written with all the fire of its title.  With its scope and passion and its themes about race, violence, tradition, and the eternal smoldering anger of the South, the novel brings to mind Thomas Wolfe and Faulkner, even while its cagey plot and restless energy keeps you flying through the pages.  Greg Iles is back and truly better than ever."

"I don't know how Iles did it, but every single page of Natchez Burning is a cilffhanger that will keep you devouring just one more chapter before you put it down to eat, work, or go to bed.  A mystery rooted in the real-life divides of the Deep South, this ambitious, unique novel is the perfect marriage of a history lesson and a thriller. Greg?  You owe me some sleep!"

Stephen King

#1 NYT Bestselling author of too many great novels to count: his latest being Doctor Sleep.

Wanda Jewell

Executive Director, Southern Independent Booksellers Association

"I defy you to find a way to start it and put it down; as long as it is, I wished it were longer.  There's a bonus: you'll finish knowing a great deal about the Deep South's painful struggle toward racial equality, and the bloody road between Then and Now.  Only a southern man could have written this book, and thank God Greg Iles was there to do the job.  This is an amazing work of popular fiction."

"Imagine Jem Finch all grown up learning things about Atticus no boy should know.  Or maybe Scout is now a journalist in search of the truth at any cost.  Or Dil learns his Uncle was a former Klukker.  I read this book in 15 hours straight.  Riveting, relevant, really, really good."



“This is William Faulkner for the Breaking Bad generation.”

The London Sunday Times


“Iles clearly outperforms the master of the Deep South thriller in this angry yet engrossing novel."



(Starred Review)


"Much more than a thriller, Iles’s deftly plotted fourth Penn Cage novel doesn’t flag for a moment, despite its length. This superlative novel’s main strength comes from the lead’s struggle to balance family and honor."

AARP Magazine


“Imagine William Faulkner and Steig Larsson had a love child. Natchez Burning combines the pace of Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with a Faulkneresque, bone-deep knowledge of Mississippi in all its beauty and racial torment.”



(Starred Review)


“A searing tale of racial hatreds and redemption in the modern South, courtesy of Southern storyteller extraordinaire Iles.  Iles is a master of regional literature, though he’s dealing with universals here, one being our endless thirst to right wrongs.  A memorable, harrowing tale.”



(Starred Review)


“It’s been half a decade since Iles’s last Penn Cage novel, but, oh boy, was it worth the wait! This novel represents some of the author’s finest work, with sharper characterizations and deep emotional resonance, and we eagerly await volume two.”



(Starred Review)


“In this first of a trilogy, best-selling author Iles brings back his Southern lawyer in an absorbing an electrifying tale that thriller fans will be sure to devour.”

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